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there’s that post that goes around about “the different types of favorite characters” and one of the options is “this motherfucker” and i can assure all of you that all my male faves are “this motherfucker”

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this was tagged 'medieval rosie' i'm so happy


Sergei Solomko - Nastasia Mikulichna

This is one of my favorite characters of the Russian medieval  epic poems - byliny. Her name is Nastasia Mikulichna, and she is a female warrior (not so typical for Early Middle Ages, eh?)

Among other epic characters, knights-bogatyrs,  she is one of the skillest ones. There are a lot of stories like “Nastasia met some cool famous warrior, defeated him and then let him go, because what else she could do with such a weak”.

Three Lines: Rosie & Oleg, "Are you trying to tell me something?"

"You know, Oleg." Rosie flipped through one of Viola’s fashion magazines in the morning sun. "I might shave my head."

Oleg toweled the back of his neck off in the bathroom and said nothing.

"I don’t know, though." Rosie thumbed one page over. "I did it once before. It didn’t look so good."

Oleg let out a ragged sigh and tied the towel around his waist. “Are you trying to tell me something?”

"O-leg!" Rosie huffed. "I resent that."

Oleg shook his head and opened his shaving drawer. Rosie watched him move in the corner of her eye - and turned to the fashion page.

"You know, Oleg, I might buy this purple turtleneck."

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Lost Lands, 2013Gurbir Grewal
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saints row for ts
oh wow i didn't realize you headcanoned rosie with a previous girlfriend before her coming to america. can we hear a little more about that? or is it something you're rather planning for your fic?

yes! she had two long-term relationships before she came to america. that’s where she gets the faces for the girls on her arm tattoos. the first one was a fellow inmate, the second was a sex worker. [in rosie’s words, she “danced at a moscow strip club.” but the owner was unethical, and pushed a lot of his employees into prostitution upstairs.]

those relationships both became important phases in her life, and she cared for them both a lot. and both times it only ended because of circumstance - breaking out of prison first, leaving for america second. [she talked more about all this here.]

oleg’s the only long-term thing she’s attempted with a man, and it was the rockiest road to get there. she just doesn’t trust men the way she does women, for good reason given her life experience. and they’ll probably be together for the rest of their lives, but I’ll say this - you’ll notice she doesn’t tattoo anything of him on herself.

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saints row for ts
as I'm guessing that in SR:TT you used female voice 2...did Rosie ever have a fixation on Pierce? or have you headcanoned those comments out?

no, rosie’s never carried any torches for pierce

she does like to needle him, but that’s just the friendship they have. she made that joke on the way to safeword about introducing him to S&M, but that was because she knew it’d make him flustered, and she found it funny. it’s the same reason she flirts with shaundi when she’s in a good mood.

rosie wasn’t attracted to anyone in america before things changed with oleg, really. she had to leave a serious girlfriend behind when she came to the states, and the years through sr3 were a time to focus on business. she sort of buried her personal life.

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saints row for ts
does rosie have a last name?

nah. “rosie” is a foreshortening of her full nickname, “the white rose” [“белая роза”]. the nickname was from the old country, but johnny came to the same conclusion - he saw the white roses on her epaulet tattoos, and since she wouldn’t give him a name, he started calling her “rosie” for short.

i mean, we assume that she has a full name just like everyone else, but I never gave her one. i toyed with a few, but nothing fit. i kind of like it better that it’s just her nickname anyway. it supports her belief that her “birth self” is not who she is anymore, and that the “white rose” persona is who she’s fully become.

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When i was younger i used to write all the time about anything. I loved it and used it as a way to cope with some problematic things in my life. But as things got worse, so do my writting (or my perception of it). I ended up with a low self-esteem and refusing to write again. Those times are no longer a burden to me. They are in the past and i have outgrown them. I don´t know what hapenned, but today while i was reading your blog i have decided to start again. Thank you.

hey congratulations!! and don’t be afraid to explore the difficult parts of your life again in your writing sometime. i did some of that in my thesis, and it was hard. but it was soothing to be able to deliver poetic justice in the story, even though it didn’t happen in real life.

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ak tries to make people feel better again
long post
You are inspiring to me and I look up to you in a lot of ways. I'm an artist and a writer as well but the problem is: I feel invisible. I want people to admire my work like they do yours but no matter what I do no one seems to notice or care. I guess I wanted to ask: how can I gain charisma and appeal? How do I make work that other people will care about? I'm depressed honestly and any tips would make me feel hopeful at the least.

this is a complicated question, and I don’t know that it’s ever been one with a single answer. I’ve been talking about this with my mother a lot since I’ve been handling grad school business, like, mom, will this really help? is it going to be worth the money? will I make it as a writer? and she tells me, well, that’s the problem. there’s no one path to success in the creative arts. people with MFAs have done it, but so have high school dropouts. all you can do is try.

i think the first thing, at least on tumblr, is to be social. put yourself out there. i guess I’m lucky in this regard, ‘cause I have vigor on the internet that I don’t offline. i have no problem asking friends for IM info, RPing, collaborating. you’re dealing with depression, so you probably perceive yourself as a lot less skilled than you are, and you may have a sense of embarrassment about your own ideas.

and I don’t really know how to word my answer to that, other than to tell you to develop a sense of ‘fuck it.’ people tell me I need to swear less, but that’s it. you have to reach a place where you love the subject of your work more than you’re afraid of showing it. if you do fanwork, put your work in the tags. follow other fans and hit them up with fandom talk. fandoms are horrid little machines, as I’ll talk about in a bit, but they’re also a great way to meet other creative people. almost all my tumblr friends I met through one fandom or another.

so the other thing is to not see yourself in competition with fans. if you admire someone who does more or better work, by all means, let them motivate you to work hard. but don’t go in to start drama or beat anyone down. there’s enough of that already, and I think you may stand out if you refuse to participate. every fan’s a friend to me until proven otherwise, and I want to show them that through gifts and encouragement. have I gotten suckered? yeah, but ehh. i can handle it. i’ve still met more good eggs than bad.

i don’t know if anecdotes help, but when I first got into SR fandom, I was terrified. i’d just come out of two fandoms that had hellaciously toxic ship wars. i shipped something that i can still count the creators for on one hand, and I’d seen the anger and ridicule that the old crowds brought to the table. but I got involved with others’ work, and when i opened up about the ship… people liked it? people reblogged it? and it was not only reassuring, it was satisfying. i’d found my corner, and we were all in it to share.

so that’s it, or at least that’s what I did. just be nice. start conversations, and you’ll start to find people coming back to you.

felt like messing around with brushes

felt like messing around with brushes

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so i’m working on something that i won’t be able to upload for a while, but
let’s all appreciate how strange rosie looks with her natural hair color

so i’m working on something that i won’t be able to upload for a while, but

let’s all appreciate how strange rosie looks with her natural hair color

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Song: Brukpocket's Lament
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The Heavy Brukpocket’s Lament

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saints row for ts
I just wanted to say that your version of Angel de la Muerte as seen in that SR height chart is a thing of beauty and I love him immensely. You did good! You did so good.

art of angel seems to be like art of oleg. not that many people like him or do fanwork of him, so there’s a small cadre of folks that are really happy when you do. it’s cute

Hiya, you said you wanted more prompts, so I thought I'd suggest one! Rosie/Oleg's difference in breakfast foods!

Rosie sneered from the other side of the penthouse dining room table.

"I still can’t believe you eat that."

"I feel strangely like we’ve had this conversation before."

"Because I see it every morning." Rosie cut her sausage into too-big bites. "My mother used to make that shit when we ran out of money." She shoveled one in her mouth. "Which was all the time, by the way."

"Your mother was smart. It’s good for you." Oleg stirred his kasha in its huge purple bowl. "Clears the constitution and —"

Rosie started in with her mouth full - “Forti —”

"— Fortifies the mind." Oleg reached for his glass. "That’s right."

Rosie shook her head at her plate. Oleg looked over his newspaper and took a sip of tea.

"Sometimes I think I suffer too much from you."

Rosie pushed her eggs into a heap. “You don’t like it, the door’s right there.”

Oleg closed the paper and flashed her a wry smile. “I don’t think for very long.”

Rosie blinked - and felt her ears get hot - and jabbed at his tea with her fork.

"All right, but the tea in a glass is still fair game."

"All right." Oleg nodded and chuckled. "The glass I will concede."