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rosie would be so into this


LOS VLADIMIROVIC A/W 2011 - De Profundis Clamavi Collection
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white rose
saints row
Who are your top 5 favorite Saints Row homies? Or if there are none, could you tell us a little meta on Boss Rosie's past/character? I love her so much!

Oleg, Johnny, Shaundi, Asha, and a tossup for the fifth? Of course, all the homies would be fun to write against Rosie, because their relationship dynamics are all a little different.

Rosie grew up in the twilight of the Soviet Union and the poverty of the early nineties, with a deeply Orthodox mother and a deeply abusive father. After a domestic conflict in which Rosie killed him in her mother’s defense, she ran away from home, and fell under the wing of a young, charismatic man - who said he could give her power.

And he did. Before long she found out the man was a vor, and he became her ferryman into the underworld. Between her size, her severe new image, and her unflinching lack of mercy, the White Rose soon became one of Moscow’s most terrifying vory herself, striking down anyone foolish enough to say anything about her gender.

But it didn’t last. Her superiors preferred her cunning to her mentor’s craving for violence. His affection turned to resentment - and he decided to get rid of the competition. He lured her unarmed into a trap and left her for dead, and though Rosie survived, she knew her life in Russia was over. With no allies left and her mentor sure to finish the job, Rosie took the last recourse she had - a cargo ship bound for a place called Stilwater.

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throwback thursday
good god this was 1993

my mother’s first throwback thursday on facebook and this is what she comes up with. incredible

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Song: Act III, No. 20 Russian Dance
Artist: Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra
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Swan LakeOp. 20 (1877), Act III, No. 20 Russian Dance

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saved for posterity
Hello! I just wanna say that i really love your arts. And your art style is absolutely amazing! I love your Boss, because she looks so strong and brave. I like this type of women. So, i'm actually fan of Saints Row series. I think it's weird when girls draw something like ''me and Matt" or something like that. But i really love your Boss and Oleg together. True pairing for me. And last one. You have adorable personality!

oh my god this ask is so cute

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there’s a great post going around about comparing artists’ characters to other characters/people and how it’s not always as flattering as people believe it is

I don’t wanna attract more animosity to the OP so I won’t reblog it, but I’d just like to corroborate that yes, this is a thing, and yes, it can fall on the uncomfortable end of the spectrum sometimes

I don’t, personally, mind folks asking me “hey isn’t [X character] based off [X actor]?!” because most of the time with me they are. I love movies and I try to incorporate that into my art, and the fact that I got, say, Errol Flynn to look recognizably like himself is a sign that I’ve succeeded. but when I go into tagviewer and see art of Rosie tagged #pacific rim, or even as some kind of headcanon version of Frozen’s Elsa, well - it gets less funny every time.

[and I get that Rosie’s kind of messy because Sasha was one factor of inspiration for her design and all, honestly, I do. but for real. the sharp-eyebrowed platinum sensual slav thing has been around for a while. boss white rose and heather doerksen have completely different faces, and any creative person that puts the effort into their work that I do will be infinitely more pleased that you looked at the drawing long enough to spot the difference.]

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long post
First I just want to say that I really love your style and how you portray your characters. And second: because of your drawings, I'm really interested in playing Saints Row, but I don't know which one to start at D:

Thanks! On both counts! It’s 4 in the morning and I am really pumped about how many people I seem to have gotten to play Saints Row!

No, okay, I’ll contain myself. I’ve had this discussion with a lot of different fans and gotten a different answer every time, for different reasons. You’d think the logical starting point would be the first, but because there’s no PC port and you can only play as a man, let’s face it, it’s not happening. I watched it on Youtube and I don’t feel any worse off. It’s like that kid in freshman year who buys a Brando jacket and teaches himself to walk from the hips. You can tell the series will come into its own later, but for now, its GTA roots are showing.

Whether you start on the second or the third is the subject of a fandom debate that I don’t wanna touch with a ten foot pole. SR2 is a lot of people’s favorite, and it’s a markedly different experience from the madcap of 3 and 4. You can still run around naked and vandalize with a septic truck, but the plot isn’t afraid to swerve you in some very, very tragic directions, and ask some challenging questions about the murder spree you just went on. There are some messed up onscreen deaths. It’s more akin to a gangster drama with a sick undercurrent of humor, and, I mean, I like that. But the controls on PC are dreadful, and there’s something awkward about the graphics that gives away its age.

And then in the third game comes that tone shift. It gets a new look. The writing dives headfirst into parody in a way it didn’t before. It’s more conscious of its place in culture, sending up everything from emo kids to Bond movies to fandom-bait TV shows. I get my favorite homie and character voice here, and I like the power fantasy it encourages me to have. But if I’d started on the earlier games, I can see how I’d find it jarring. Any attempts between jokes to create emotional gravitas don’t leave you quite as scarred as they do in the second installment.

And SR4… well. SR4 looks gorgeous and it’s the one I play to kill time, but the story is fucking weird, the homages are laid on with a trowel, and there’s a lot of throwback to the earlier games that will go over your head if you haven’t played them. It’ll take some bend-over-backwards headcanons to reconcile it with Rosie’s story.

Me? I started with 3, then went on to 4 and 2, and I enjoyed all of it for different reasons. But if anyone else wants to chime in, feel free! I’m new here.

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jfc i'm so sorry i'll shut up


welcome to the gun show

50 cents a touch

only finest all russian made rifles

scary russian big sister

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marina and the diamonds
shit leslie listens to
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Song: Buy The Stars
Artist: Marina and The Diamonds
Album: Electra Heart (Deluxe Version)
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buy the stars // marina and the diamonds

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you will not be dying on me today, comrade

you will not be dying on me today, comrade