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scary russian big sister

I don’t even know what this is from

But I like it

Sasha Kaidanovsky and young!Natasha Romanov. That’s my headcanon and I’m sticking to it.

these are characters from saints row actually as neat a headcanon as that is


I don’t give a fuck how “bad” your oc’s design is. I don’t care if the colours are bright or they have a lot of accessories or they’re a demon queen vampire werewolf horse who is dating legolas. you had fun making them and that fun was entirely harmless, self-indulgent and creative and thats great

bossuary replied to your post: missvalerietanner asked:Saints Ro…

it really is like your art style and the game/characters were made for each other. frickin perfect.

you say as oleg’s face looks like a different flavor of vaguely humanoid boiled potato in each drawing

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Saints Row fanart? :D I love you.

bless you my child

go in peace to rope as many people as you can into playing it

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placentalmammal replied to your post: sainted development 2: electric vodkaloo

I like how the expressions range from “no” to “are you shitting me” to “are you okay”

i don’t think pierce has ever seen her without lipstick before

he thought she grew that way

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there are few ways for a man to work the windex head look and the majority of them involve looking like you could flay a bear alive

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saints row for ts
I am so curious to know what Rosie thinks of Matt Miller (he's obviously not her favorite person) but is it the hilarious sort of playful-dislike or is it the "I remember what you did last summer" kind of dislike?

I think Rosie’s hatred is so busy with bigger and more dangerous people that all she feels for Matt is pity. She remembers being awkward at sixteen and not knowing what to do with her hair, and thinking she was king shit because she could push people around.

She’s relieved in 4 that he seems to have grown into himself a little, though she still listens to him with one ear tuned out and wishes he’d own up to what he did to Kinzie. At this rate he’ll be a decent human being by the time he’s 65.

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rosie would be so into this


LOS VLADIMIROVIC A/W 2011 - De Profundis Clamavi Collection
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white rose
saints row
Who are your top 5 favorite Saints Row homies? Or if there are none, could you tell us a little meta on Boss Rosie's past/character? I love her so much!

Oleg, Johnny, Shaundi, Asha, and a tossup for the fifth? Of course, all the homies would be fun to write against Rosie, because their relationship dynamics are all a little different.

Rosie grew up in the twilight of the Soviet Union and the poverty of the early nineties, with a deeply Orthodox mother and a deeply abusive father. After a domestic conflict in which Rosie killed him in her mother’s defense, she ran away from home, and fell under the wing of a young, charismatic man - who said he could give her power.

And he did. Before long she found out the man was a vor, and he became her ferryman into the underworld. Between her size, her severe new image, and her unflinching lack of mercy, the White Rose soon became one of Moscow’s most terrifying vory herself, striking down anyone foolish enough to say anything about her gender.

But it didn’t last. Her superiors preferred her cunning to her mentor’s craving for violence. His affection turned to resentment - and he decided to get rid of the competition. He lured her unarmed into a trap and left her for dead, and though Rosie survived, she knew her life in Russia was over. With no allies left and her mentor sure to finish the job, Rosie took the last recourse she had - a cargo ship bound for a place called Stilwater.

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throwback thursday
good god this was 1993

my mother’s first throwback thursday on facebook and this is what she comes up with. incredible

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Song: Act III, No. 20 Russian Dance
Artist: Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra
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Swan LakeOp. 20 (1877), Act III, No. 20 Russian Dance

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Hello! I just wanna say that i really love your arts. And your art style is absolutely amazing! I love your Boss, because she looks so strong and brave. I like this type of women. So, i'm actually fan of Saints Row series. I think it's weird when girls draw something like ''me and Matt" or something like that. But i really love your Boss and Oleg together. True pairing for me. And last one. You have adorable personality!

oh my god this ask is so cute